Just arrived back from Greece. I got in at about 2am last night and then has to wait for almost an hour to get through customs. After getting a cab back home I crashed. And with work tomorrow it’s not going to be a good first day back. I bet the students will be just as exhausted as I feel.

I arrived in Athens a little late the first night. Just enough time to drop off my bags at the hotel and see the city all lit up at night. I was able to catch my first glimpse of the Parthenon. Then it was off to find dinner and a drink. Kuwait is a dry country, this doesn’t just mean the weather where we get 10-15 days of rain a year, this means that alcohol is illegal and unavailable. This is hard when you want a glass of wine after a long day at work.

I loved Santorini. Being up on the cliffs and watching the sun set each night was enchanting, whether it was sharing with a thousand other tourists in Oia, or sitting on my hotel room balcony, or sitting in a restaurant enjoying a drink. I liked being able to walk around the streets or take the bus from town to town.

I went on a nice full day boat trip one day. I took a day to see the different beaches and just relax. I bought souvenirs and other things for my family. It was just a relaxing time. No marking, no students, no pressure, just relaxation.


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