Wild Fires in Alberta

One of the hardest things about living so far away from home is that I learn a lot about life happening to my family via Facebook. Today I have learned that Fort McMurray, Alberta, an oil boom town in Canada, has been evacuated due to forest fires.

This worries me for a number for reasons. I have family and friends that are in Fort Mac area and have evacuated. They may lose homes, possessions, pets and any number of other things. I fear for their safety if the fires spread.

I worry about what happens if the fires get to close to the oil fields. I worry about what it means for peoples jobs and for the environment. I worry that it is only May and in Alberta and British Columbia (BC) there are already so many forest fires. Currently BC is unable to send fire fighters to help in Alberta because they are already battling roughly 48 forest fires currently burning in BC. As the weather gets warmer and dryer the number of fires burning will increase.

I worry that there are still people out there who do not believe climate change is happening or that it is a problem. The real problem comes when the Republican front runner for President of the USA is very vocal about climate change being a hoax. His attitudes can affect others and change their beliefs, causing more situations like this in future.

My thoughts are with those back home in Canada. I hope for rain without lightening and that the fires are extinguished soon so everyone can safely return home to begin the process of healing. I wish everyone the best and hope everything works out.

One thought on “Wild Fires in Alberta

  1. Bruce

    Republicans burn oil, enrich the Big Oil companies 😈 Hate the thought of a World Wide Solar System 😍 Solar panels on government land under Trump would b ABOLISHED 😈 FREE SOLAR POWER 4 ALL 💞


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