At my place of work we are bused to and from work. It picks up from the apartment at 6am and departs the school at 3:10pm. This means that for those of us that tutor after school we take a taxi back home.

Usually I like this. If a friend is tutoring at the same time we will share a taxi, usually to their apartment and I will take a leisurely stroll back to my apartment. The walk is usually about 25-30 minutes. It’s been nice to get out in the afternoon. If I tutor alone I get dropped of at the beach about 15 minutes away from my house and I can take the boardwalk back.

Now though, it is May in Kuwait. Daily temperatures are now constantly around 40 Celsius (105 F). The sun shines strong and a 15 minutes walk home is enough to cause uncomfortable sweating and exhaustion. What really amazes me is all the people at the beach. The women wearing Abaya and Hijab. Way to hot out for me to wear.

I can’t wait to get back to Canada where I can take the dog to the beach for a walk. I can walk around town and see what has changed since I’ve been there. I can walk everywhere in my very small town. It literally takes about an hour to walk around the town. I can walk out into the forest. Some days I may even need a light jacket.



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