Kidzania – a city for kids

Today at school we had our final field trip of the year. This is the one trip that doesn’t have to tie to their education and can be completely for fun.

I like Kidzania because it’s a little city inside the building. They have a dentist, police station, store, bar, and so much more. They also have an adult lounge and it is not needed to constantly be with and watching your students.

The students have to work and make money. They can be firefighters and get training then put out a building fire. They can be couriers for DHL and deliver packages. They can get a drivers license and drive bumper cars.

The children can then take the money they have earned and spend it in the store for treats and toys. They can also put it in the bank for next time to save for bigger things. They get an ATM card and can withdraw their money next time they visit Kidzania.

The children can also work for their lunch and make a pizza or a burger. They can also use real money to but other food and treats. They can pay Kidzania Money to go take courses at the university.

I like to go to Kidzania because it is a lot of fun for the students. I also think it is a great learning experience. They have to make money to buy things or work for a free meal. They have to budget if they want to get big things and learn to save. They learn that there are steps in life. Before you can get your drivers license you must have an eye exam, then you must pass drivers ed, then you must get insurance to drive. Only after all that are the students able to apply for their drivers license and drive.

The same it true for other activities. Before you can climb buildings or other tasks that risk personal injury you must go buy insurance.

The responsibility that they learn at Kidzania is important for any child to learn but it is especially important for children in the Middle East. Many children here do not understand the value of a Dinar.  This come from having a large disposable income at home. Students are always coming to school with money and they show off their money and they talk about their money and they give away their money and they lose their money and it doesn’t faze them. Kidzania helps teach them that you have to work for your money and their are some things in life you need to work for.

Kidzania is a good trip and if you have one in your area I recommend you go it’s great for kids and parents.

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