Mind, Body, Soul, and Earth

Today the prompt is healthy.

I think that keeping yourself happy is a large part of being healthy. I try to keep myself healthy by striking a balance between my mind, body, soul, and the Earth.

I teach, so I am constantly learning new things. Sometimes I learn how six year olds see the world. Sometimes I learn how far ma patience will stretch before it snaps. I also try to read and keep up on practices in education. I also read for pleasure. Now I am trying to balance my mind with the writing of this blog. I also have days where I do nothing but binge on Netflix. These extremes keep my mind healthy.

My body is more of a struggle. I try to eat well but I am so lazy about cooking. I wait until I am hungry enough to eat anything and then go find something quick. Now that could be some fruits or veggies in the fridge but generally its a big bowl of comfort pasta. To combat this I try to do one large cooking day on the weekend and make soups and meals to freeze. Then I can eat that during the week.

I also try to go to the gym but my self motivation sucks. I have a gym buddy and every time I ditch her and don’t go to the gym I have to pay her 5$ (so we said but I never did pay her). I am much more motivated when there are immediate consequences. I hope to better when I get back to Canada. There I can keep myself healthy by taking the dog for a walk or a swim at beach. I have better access to foods I can comfortably cook.

I travel to keep my soul healthy. I help people when I can. My soul is pretty happy if my mind and body are happy. My soul is also happy when I am helping keep the planet healthy. When I travel I try to find an organization that plants trees to offset my carbon emissions and donate to them.

In Kuwait sometimes my VPN won’t let Nexflix play the Canadian shows so I am stuck with the Kuwaiti. Most I watch documentaries. I saw one about how bad the beef industry is for the planet, so it’s back to a mostly vegetarian diet (I can’t go without bacon though). I watched one about big oil, now I want a home mostly off the grid with Solar Power.

The part of keeping myself healthy I am having trouble with right now is keeping myself happy. I miss my family and though Summer is almost here it’s still hard some days. It’s the end of the school year so boys and parents are driving me more crazy than usual. I haven’t heard back from any of the jobs I’ve applied to yet, so I have no work when I go home. Kuwait is constantly above 40C (105F) and going outside is unpleasant. There is only so much reading or watching Nexflix I can do before dying of boredom. Packing sucks because I have too much stuff.

In 5 weeks school will be over and I will be travelling again though and all my troubles will be left behind. I can’t wait to go to Macedonia.

One thought on “Mind, Body, Soul, and Earth

  1. This is a great reminder. Thanks for this! To be honest, ‘balance’ is one of my favorite words. It comes from self-care and self-love. Without those two things it’s really hard to build healthy and happy relationships with this world.


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