A Travel Companion

As I approach the end of my challenge (I am nearing both 30 countries and my 30th birthday) I have travelled many ways. From different transportation, to styles of accommodation, to my travel groups, I have been lucky enough to experience many things.

In my travels I have travelled with tour groups. I did this in Egypt and enjoyed it. I met a lot of really great people and my transportation and accommodation was arranged. In a country as large as Egypt this a great because we had to take buses to most places and it was nice to have a private bus.

I also chose to travel with a group in Egypt because my Egyptian friends warned me that my time of travel could be a little politically unstable. It then became the tours job to re-route the trip rather than mine. This way I did not lose deposits or anything else. I was glad I did this because the tour was routed away from the Siwa Desert and conflicts with Libya.

Sometimes I travel alone. This a great way to spend some time getting back in touch with yourself. You can do what you want, when you want. No pressure, plans can change, and you may end up meeting great people along the way. I did this recently on my trip to Greece. It was so nice to have a relaxing trip with no one to worry about but me.

I also travelled alone to Turkey and spent about two weeks travelling with someone I had met at the hostel in Istanbul. In Bulgaria I was travelling alone but made friends with some of the locals while I worked in a hostel there. Travelling alone really leaves you open to do anything you want but it can sometimes be lonely.

After a long trip alone it’s nice to come back to friends and family. It’s even better to travel with friends and family. I have travelled with friends back to their home country, this really gives you an in-depth look at the culture. You live in their homes and eat with them. You really begin to understand the culture better.

You can also pick a destination with someone and go. Alex and I left from different parts of the world (Canada and Japan) but met in Thailand for a trip together. It was great to see her but also nice to share hotel costs and grocery costs. It’s nice to always have a companion to be lost with.

My last trip with a buddy was to Iceland with my family (You can read about it here). We rented a car and drove. Only knowing our destination but not what we would find along the way. This trip was so great (for my parents that had never really travelled before) that we made plans to do it again this summer. I leave from Kuwait and do a bit of travelling through Europe on my own but then I meet my parents in London and we will travel around Ireland and Scotland together.

If your nervous about travelling on your own but don’t have friends and family you can drag around the globe there are websites for that. Travbuddy is a website with travel blogs on it, as well as travel tips, and a section for finding a travel buddy. You can fill in a profile and where you plan on travelling (if you know when even better) and find people who can travel with you.

How ever you travel remember to be safe and use your street smarts. You also need to have fun and take time to explore your destinations. Everywhere has a great little place for you to fall in love with.

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