I need a Pensive

I have a habit of losing things. I put them down for a minute and when I return to get them it’s gone. I do this often in my work. I take my daily attendance and move into the lesson putting the attendance down near where I am at the time. Then I go to put tardy students in the attendance and I have no idea where I put it. This example isn’t too bad because I only have so many places in class I could put it. It’s almost always in one of three spots.

I have lost bigger things. When I first started wearing glasses and my prescription was weaker I would take them off for anything near to me like reading or lab work. Then I would have no idea where I had put them. This caused me to leave a pair of glasses in Belgium because I had taken them off in the museum and couldn’t find them again. It was only when I returned the next year I learned they had put them in a cupboard in the lab for me.

The most common thing I lose are my thoughts. I forget what I’ve told people all the time. I forget my train of thought if I so much as sneeze. I lose papers and assignments. I think the only things I don’t lose are the ones to big to move. It’s very frustrating.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to successfully live my life and stop losing everything is to find Diagon Alley. From there I will find a shop that sells pensieves so I can put my memories in it. Then I can check my pensive memories whenever I have forgotten where something is. I think that magic is the only thing that can help me now. Also, I dread what my memory will be like when I get older. If it’s this bad now it’s only down hill from here.

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