From the Ground Up

It’s too hot to leave the house now a days. It’s above 40C (105F) all the time now, the AC runs night and day and it still gets uncomfortable. The only thing to go is read, play video games and watch Nexflix.

One of my favourite types of show to watch is house hunters (especially international so I can price out where in the world I want to live). I have also started watching tiny house hunters and tiny house builders and I have become very interested in the styles of housing that occur around the world.

Most houses no longer us a brick and mortar as building materials. Houses are made from lumber and bamboo, from cement and recycled shipping containers. I think that one day it would be interesting to custom design a house from the ground up.

My dream house would have a beach nearby. It would be 3+ Bedrooms and 2+ bathrooms. It would have an open concept living room and kitchen. It would have big floor to ceiling windows on tracks so the entire wall could open up and lead to an outdoor space with fire pit. It would have space on the roof to socialize and you could see the nearby beach. It would have solar panels to gather electricity for the house and a rain catchment system to use for the showers and laundry. It would also be hooked up to local utilities in case of emergency. I think my house would be built from bamboo which is a fast growing and sustainable crop.

One day when I’m settled and ready to put down long term roots I would love to make a house like this. For now I am happy working abroad and if I can’t be in my dream house at least I don’t pay rent.

Once the house was built I would have to let someone else furnish it though. I’m not sure I would be patient enough to do that.

4 thoughts on “From the Ground Up

  1. House Hunters International is a great show. I wish I could watch it here. Your dream house sounds awesome. I just wish I could live in a house. Sadly I don’t think that’s in my future.


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