Travel Saga

2016-01-09 07.27.29-1

With only a month left until summer break I have been busy planning my Summer Saga. During this round of summer travel I should be entering into countries 29 and my goal meeting 30. That means that the goal will have to change. I am thinking 100 by 50.

I have a few firm plans for this summer. I fly to Macedonia and have booked 2 nights at a hostel in Skopje. Then I have three weeks of travel before I fly to London to meet my mom, dad, grandma, and a family friend. The 5 of us will travel to Northern Ireland and rent a car taking us almost entirely around Ireland in a week.

After Ireland we fly to Scotland, leave my grandma visiting friends, my dad at the PGA Open at Royal Troon. Then we take another car ride around Scotland to see lochs and castles and maybe a monster or two.

For my three weeks before I meet my parents I am trying to figure out what to do. I can take the train to Belgrade, Serbia then to Bar, Montenegro and then bus up the coast of Croatia and end in Slovenia.

Another option is to travel into Albania and travel up the coast and then inland to Serbia, Hungary, or where ever. The more I look at where to go the more things I find that I want to do. The saga is become bigger and bigger as time goes on. I have a headline though. I have to be in London the morning of July 9th.

If you’ve been anywhere must see let me know and maybe that will help me make up my mind.

Maybe I won’t book anything more than I have and wing it. See if I meet some nice people to travel with for a bit while I am there. Maybe I’ll search for a travel buddy online. I have no idea. Stay tuned to see what happens in June.

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