Not even the strangest dream I’ve had

I dreamt that I was at school but it looked nothing like my current school We were preparing for the end of the year with everything off the walls. I had a small classroom and was finished. I went to go see another teacher and her class room was an entire L shaped hall. You went into the door of her classroom and entered a hallway with rooms on both sides. At the bottom of the L was the main classroom. Along the vertical line of the L there was a bedroom with on-suite then a play room, then a classroom, then another bedroom with no on-suite (they would have to use the classroom bathroom). Along the other side of the hall was a class library and an empty room.

I walked to the classroom and the door was open and parents were waiting to meet me. This was because school was starting and the two new teachers coming to replace me hadn’t arrived yet so I was staying until the weekend when they arrived. Parents were asking why I was leaving and why wouldn’t I stay.

Next thing I know one of the new teacher was there and I told her about the rooms that she had first dibs. I thought it was strange they had to sleep in the school at all.

Next I was with a friend from work getting a chicken wrap and then headed to a cafe to meet some friends. I sat and talked with them but I mostly forgot what we talked about. I remember then talking about going somewhere and I wanted to go so they said to meet them at a refugee statue I had never seen or heard of. I was told to just get a ride with one of the people there.

We left once our food order arrived. I had ordered a beef burrito. We went outside to get our shoes and my chicken wrap was waiting for me beside my shoes. I was unexpectedly happy to have both sandwiches.

Next it the next day and I’m on my way to work riding a straddling bus (a shared video I had seen on Facebook). I was talking to a person on the bus and they were telling me they were getting off to get on the train to finish the journey because the straddling bus was almost at the last stop and that wasn’t finished yet. She showed me the route map and I knew I had to get off too.

I exited and went to catch the train but all of a sudden it wasn’t the 5 or 6 people who as gotten off the bus that were in the station it was like Tokyo at rush hour, millions of people trying to push on the trains to be on the first departing train. I went a few trains platforms down because they were all headed to the same place, they just left when they were jammed full.

A conductor offered me his hand to help me climb into the train and I was in my current school. I knew I had to get to my classroom and lock the cabinet before my TA realized that I didn’t lock it. When I got to my room my calendar set was gone and had been replaced by a large desk calendar stuck to the bulletin board. I was ready to hunt down the thief and steal everything including their life.

My TA was already in the classroom but was with a student and didn’t know the cabinet was unlocked. When they were in another area of the room I sneaked over to lock it and it made a horribly loud noise and my TA looked so I pretended I was unlocking it.

Then all the students began to arrive and while I had expected 3 or 4 students more and more kept coming and it was all my aggressive students. They were hitting with backpacks as they walked past people, sitting on top of other students to make them choose a different chair. They were getting into fist fights in the corner. I was descending into chaos when I woke up.

Some of the things I recognize from daily life (the straddling bus, forgetting to lock the cabinet). Somethings I expect today, the students have a test so despite decreasing numbers (4 students yesterday) I expect more to arrive today to do the test. Having your bedroom in your classroom is completely from left field though.

The thing that left me the most sad in the dream was the arrival of parents for the new year without a summer break. Where did my travel time go?

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