The Countless Hours Between

I began travelling in 2005 with a trip to Italy with my Grandma and cousin. Since then I have never really stopped except those brief moments when I go back to school.

I left my home in Canada in March 2013 to jet-set off to Japan and begin my career as a teacher. Since then my life has been countless moments of joy as I live an amazing adventure. Through all that joy though are all the countless moments between that are full of sadness, anger, or pain. In those moments I want only one thing, my mom.

My mom has always been a strong influence in my life. She has always been my shoulder to cry on and the person pushing me to do whatever I dare to dream. She has supported me in so many ways and recently my time has been a countdown of the countless hours until I get to return to Canada and spend time with my family.

For all the moments of joy I’ve had abroad I’ve also missed moments that I can never get back at home. I wasn’t there for birthdays and holidays. I’ve missed weddings and celebrations. For all the things travel has brought me I am forever grateful but now I’m grateful for the chance to stay in Canada for a little while. There are many places within Canada and the USA I can travel to. Maybe I’ll even convince the family to come along for the ride.

2 thoughts on “The Countless Hours Between

  1. Oh, that’s really good, But if you miss India, especially the small southern state Kerala, and that too the little town called Calicut, to be precise a little hamlet called Chelembra it’s never going to be complete in its real sense. I post countless invitations for countless experience.


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