My strange dream

I talked about my dreams before and how strange they are. Sometimes they sound like they’re the plot of a novel.

I dreamt that my parents were scientists working on building this space station/space ship. It was created as a way to realize pressure of population on earth. On the dream I often travelled by teleportation between the ship and Earth.

I spent a lot of time with friends and exploring the Earth in the dream that I can’t really remember. One day I was in the woods near my house hiking with friends when there is what felt like an Earthquake. It was an alien invasion and they were firing laser beams at Earth destroying things and killing people.

Everyone was trying to get to a teleportation site to get to the spaceship, which was scene as a safer place to be for some reason. Many teleportation sites would not work and people were trapped on Earth.

My friends and I were trying to hike out the the woods and get to a site but could not. Shortly after the attack began it stopped. I made my way home but my parents were gone, safely on the space station. It became my mission to get aboard the space station.

In my dream it took time to try to fix a teleportation device and get to the space station but eventually my best friend and I do it. We decide to transport into the bottom of the station where there were not a lot of people but where a lot of tunnels and passageways that I played in while my parents worked.

When we get there, there are guards patrolling and security cameras we have never seen before. We are picked up by the guards but before they can haul us off for questioning or torture my dad runs in and saves us. Turns out he’s become very important in the leadership on the station. We are taken through tunnels that are incorrectly signed and deliberately confusing. Very different from the station I remember and sending off warning signals in dream me’s head.

My dad turns down another path and I try to follow but the guards stop me. I escape them and follow anyways. After twists and turns I sneak into a room after my dad. This room is huge and filled with what seems like tens of thousands of people in stadium seating. At the front of the room is a table with less people, maybe 10, and a large video screen. My dad sits down at that table and the meeting begins.

The group seems to be the leaders. They are telling people that they have once again searched Earth for survivors but no one was found. They Earth seems to be completely destroyed. I know that they are telling a lie and are the ones behind the attack on Earth. My father speak up and says he found a survivor, that I made my way to the ship alone. I tell the people that no one on Earth died, that there was only $5 billion worth of damages. We rebuilt and moved on.

The people are angry at being lied to by the leaders who had wanted to destroy Earth and release the station from the gravity that held it and move to a new planet. They had talked about it the entire time and people were reluctant but after so much time with no survivors found they were ready to give in and destroy Earth, which would have killed everyone on it.

Then my dream jumped to my house with a group of friends. It was early in the morning and we were getting ready for a celebration at school. In my dream my hair had fallen out of the curls that I had done the night before (in real life the salon did my curls). I kept trying to fix them and get dressed and have my time in the mirror and no one would help me pin my hair back up.

Eventually I gave up and took all my hair down because in trying to fix my hair more had fallen down. The other girls were waiting for me and already getting in the car threatening to leave me behind. I went to put my shoes on and they were gone. Some one else was wearing them. I was complaining to my other late friend and she had the same problem. Between the two of us there were three pairs of shoes to take and none of them matched. So I put on the pair of shoes that were the comfiest looking and went out to crowd in the car with all the others and go to school.

Then I woke and had to check that my hair hadn’t really fallen out of the curls. It hadn’t.

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