Staff Dinner Drama

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Tonight is our end of year dinner at work. It’s already been a bit bumpy because the dinner is late in the year. This is a problem because many people are not attending the dinner because the holy month of Ramadan will likely begin tonight. This means that the Muslim staff (which is most of them) will attend masjid  for prayer tonight. This also means that fasting begins tomorrow for Muslims.

During the month of Ramadan nothing is to pass the lips from sunrise to sunset. No food, no water, no smoking. Work hours are reduced to no more than 5 hours a day to lessen the pressure on those who are fasting. People break fast with dates traditionally and eat a meal with their family.

I hope things go smooth because last year we began two hours late. We had to wait for our principal and director who were late. Then the awards went on for ever. Then after we were given the all clear to go to the buffet the driver called to tell us he was there and ready to take us home. Some of us hadn’t even gotten to the food on the buffet yet. I hope that people are able to play nice with each other for one night and keep the drama to a minimum.

Whether the dinner goes smooth or bombs, I want to wish all my friends a happy Ramadan. May Allah bless you.



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