Stay Connected

It’s easy to stay connected today. We have Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and that is only naming a few.

There are ups and downs to being so connected but it’s ever so nice to be able to chat with friends halfway around the world. I don’t work Fridays because it’s the Holy Day here in Kuwait so instead I use it to talk to friends and family all over and get caught up. It can be a bit confusing with all those time zones so we sometimes have to forgive each other some very early and very late calls (Sorry, Mom).

I love being able to share what I’m doing with people and at the same time I love being able to talk to people who have travelled where I am to get recommendations and tips.

We maybe a little bit (some of us a lot) over connected but I know that it makes my family happy to be able to check on what I am doing and be sure that I am safe with a few taps on a tablet. When I travel I make sure to take time to put the camera down and to just enjoy where I am. I can re-connect when I return.

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