The Climb

This prompt made me think of a song I haven’t heard in a long time. The Climb by Miley Cyrus (Let’s not talk about my musical taste).

This song makes me think a lot about life right now. I have 7 more days of work in Kuwait before I head home to Canada. I know there are places where I can get a job and I’m not super worried but at the same time not having a plan for September is driving my anxiety up. I’ve applied for education jobs all over my home province of BC but so far no calls and no emails.

I know there’s work but it might not be work in education. The big thought is do I want to continue in education at all. I want the security and the pension but both of those are in jeopardy with the current government. Do I want the hours of planning and prepping for children and parents who don’t appreciate it. Do I want to return to a system where I am driven by tests? Where the support for Special Education and Arts Programs has deteriorated to a state where they barely exist?

I love my students and I love sharing knowledge. I love when they finally get it and I love watching them grow. I love making a difference.

I also love to travel and I love to plan trips, even one’s I may never get to take. Maybe I should try my hand at being a travel agent. Get deals and discounts and see how much travel I can do for my job.

Maybe I quit work altogether and take off to South America for a year and see if I can make a go of it being a travel blogger.

Whatever I decide I have a mountain ahead of me and I’ll need to keep moving forward to see what happens next. For now I’ll worry about packing and planning for my 5 weeks of travel. Maybe I’ll get lucky and I’ll find myself in the Irish Hills or on the Croatian Coast.


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