Rising like a Phoenix

The fire has move past Fort McMurray, Canada. It still blazes at almost 5,900 square kilometres but it no longer threatens life and limb in this Canadian town. There are still over 1000 firefights working hard to battle the blaze but it has been labelled contained. For the next few months the battle will continue as hot spots are searched out and cooled. The volunteer fire fighters from South Africa have returned home.

Now the people of Fort Mac are also beginning to return home. My friend from high school has recently posted a picture of her and her husband back in their, thankfully, undamaged home. They were hosting friends and celebrating their return. They were the luck ones.

10% of the homes in Fort Mac were consumed by the fire or destroyed to stop the fire from spreading. They have lost so much and their battle has only begun. Now they must fight with insurance agents to be compensated for their loss for they can begin to move on.

With the decline in oil prices and the loss of jobs many may choose not to return. This will be a blow to a community that has already suffered so much.

As aid continues to be given to those in need I can only hope that things are settled soon so everyone can begin to re-build their lives and find a place to once again call home.

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