Kuwait City

Kuwait is a country that seems like one big city and then desert. I’ve lived here for two years and I am not sure if Salmiya (where I live) is a separate city or simply a district or county or some other part of Kuwait City. The road between the two is short and busy with never ending businesses and residences.

Kuwait itself feels like it’s one big city. There are no bridges to cross and no boarders to be seen. There is not gap between one place and the next. If Kuwait City and Salmiya are different cities I have no knowledge of where one begins and the other ends.

If you look at a maps of Kuwait all the inhabited places seem to be together along the coast. There are no oasis’s in the desert to provide water so people live as close to the water source as possible.

Whether Kuwait is one large city or many smaller cities what remains is a place with a unique culture and many interesting places to visit.

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