Phones and Myself

I wasn’t sure where to go with the prompt Aimless so instead I did this weeks Discover Challenge is Analog. It prompts me to share something I hate… The Phone. I hate calling people, especially a business or other place where I won’t know the person picking up the phone. I’ll try to convince someone else to do it for me, even for personal matters but then I try to convince family to do it for me. If no one else will call for me I will drive up to an hour each way to go to a business or store to talk to a human face to face, that is how much I hate the phone.

I grew up in a small town. A place where you could walk up the road to see if your friends were home. A place where the store was it was a 5 minute walk to the grocery store or almost anywhere else for that matter. We hardly used the phone and I only used it with friends. Maybe this is where my dislike comes from.

I will not pick up the phone for an unknown or blocked number. I’ve had my work phone me after hours on the landline and because I just have everyone’s cell number programmed and not the main line I didn’t pick up, not until the 3rd call in 5 minutes.

This is especially true when I live abroad. Here in Kuwait it seems that my number is put on all the solicitor’s lists. They call me for reasons that I don’t understand because they speak Arabic (of course) and I don’t. I get daily text messages advertising things in Arabic.

I can survive text messages but if possible I like to talk face to face. The only advantage of a smart phone over no phone is that I can use Skype or Facetime to talk to a person almost face to face. Likely that person will not be a stranger though.

I am not as bad as my brother though. He once called my mom who was away visiting me at university and asked her to call and order him a pizza for dinner. Me, I just order my pizza online or drive to the pizza shop and wait.


4 thoughts on “Phones and Myself

  1. Agreed. I also have an intense dislike for using a phone. Thanks to caller I.D.
    I won’t even answer my land line phone if I don’t know recognize the name who’s calling me. Toll Free numbers have no shot. If they have anything important to say they’ll leave a message. Online anything is better than speaking to most people. I do think your brother takes it a little to far though. Thanks for the great post.


  2. Manny

    I am glad I’m not the only person who ignores their landline calls… I was beginning to think I was being weird about that! 🙂


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