Macedonia to Serbia – Travel Day

I had planned to get the 8am bus up to the cross and then come down before check out at 11am. Plans took a turn though when I slept until 9am. Instead I used the internet, checked out and then went up to the fortress, which was small and basic. Then I went back to the hostel to get my bags and caught the bus to Nis, Serbia.

The bus took about 4 hours. Then I was off to find the hostel. Luckily there were signs most of they way. It was only on the last road that I couldn’t find it. A lady on her balcony saw me wandering with my bags and pointed down what I thought was a parking lot. Just behind the building was the hostel. There was one other guy there but he looked pretty settled, maybe working there.

I hadn’t booked but there were lots of empty beds. I put my stuff in a locker, got my day pack, and went to find the fortress. It was a big open space with a few restaurants. There were also people learning CPR, getting wedding photo’s, walking dogs and playing at playgrounds. It seemed like the social hub of the town.

I went looking for the skull tower but took a wrong turn and knew I was wrong when I made it back to the river. I walked back towards the fortress and found a little outdoor theatre where the were setting up lights and sound.

I found a restaurant and had tea on the river waiting for the sun to set. I was going to have dinner but the seat I was in was for a little cafe and not the restaurant next door and I couldn’t be bothered to find food after. Instead I walked back to the theatre and took a seat.

Standing there was the ambassador from Uganda. She had a arranged for a dance troop to come and show the people some traditional dances. It was to build friendship and tourism between the countries. How do I know, she spoke English and not Serbian. I stayed and watched a few dances before heading back to the hostel.

The dancers were very active and colourful in their movements and dress. It was great to sit out in the warm evening under the moon and the stars and watch as people shared a night of entertainment.

There was another girl at the hostel from France. We talked about life and travel for a while. She gave me good directions to the skull tower and told me the ticket was also good for the Concentration Camp and the Archaeological Park.

We went out and joined some people on the front porch where they had a TV set up to watch the football matches. I watched for a while but I’m not a large fan of football so I was quick to return to my room and go to bed.

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