Back to Work

I made it home to Canada safe and sound and dropped off the internet for awhile. Firstly to get caught up with friends and family. I spent the month of August visiting friends, seeing family, and getting ready for work.

I accepted a position as a Teacher on Call for my local school district. I was told that the beginning for the year would be slow and the best way to combat that was to go into all the schools and introduce myself to the administration, especially the people in-charge of calling for substitutes. So I did this, taking time to drive to the different towns and introduce myself.

Some of the teaching staff I knew from my tenure as a student, some I knew from personal connections and, and some were knew to me. Meeting people was a great suggestion. I walked out of some schools with work already scheduled. Some schools called later that day to schedule me.

My big fear coming home was that I would be without work for awhile, until I built up seniority within my district. I was lucky that was not the case. The district is small enough that there is lots of work to keep everyone busy. I’ve worked away most of September and am hard pressed to believe that it’s already October.

I’ve had an amazing time working so far. I’ve re-connected with many people I haven’t seen in a long time. I’ve gotten to travel to areas that I don’t normally travel to. I’ve been a bit of a tourist in my own corner of the world. I’ve met lots of great knew people. I’ve gotten to teach the entire K-12 spectrum, which is great in helping me determine what level I’d like to take a continuing position at. I’ve meet some really great students. I get to celebrate holidays with family and friends.

I’m close enough that people can call and remind me that I’m neglecting my blog and they are waiting for updates. I need to finish posting about my summer adventures and maybe share some of the great things I plan on doing at home. After all there are few places in the world as beautiful as my little slice of the world (I maybe a bit biased though). If you want some evidence to British Columbia’s beauty here some pictures of our waters ways and wildlife as well as friends, family, and food.

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