Relaxing on the beach

I decided to spend the day in true relaxing style, I slept in and then looked to the sky. With the promise of sunny weather shown in the cloudless sky I went to the beach. Ulsinj is known for having the longest stretch of beach in Europe, at 12km long. This beach can be reached by car or by walking a cliff top trail about 4km long. If you take the trail you pass the busy city beach and many secluded coves that host nude beaches, both segregated by gender and mixed. Then you enter the shade of trees and bushes broken by beautiful views of the amazing coastline.

The walk took me about an hour and a half, only because I stopped to take photos and admire the view. Along the way ran into some wildlife. I almost stepped on a turtle that then ran into the bush while i tried to get my camera out. The photo didn’t turn out very well. I continued to walk along and not pay much attention to my feet when a snake (I was told it was a lizard by the people at the hostel later but it had no legs = snake) shot out of the bushes and across my path. I had a small startle and decided to pay a bit more attention to where I was walking. I was glad I did because nearing the end of the trail there was another snake/lizard/thing on the path.

There were a few places on the path were trees had fallen over (likely by a wind storm). With a little detour you could go around or take the shorter way over or under the trees. When you come off the walking path and onto an overgrown road still near the tops of the cliffs. You follow the road down and get to an area where locals sometimes fish. From there you can see the beginning of the long beach.

I payed the 10 Euro’s to use one of the beach chairs and umbrellas. Usually don’t but I figured I’d be there all day and I didn’t want to burn to a crisp. It’s not very hard for me to do. The umbrella also included hooks so I could keep my things out of the sand a but better.

I spent the afternoon suntanning, reading, napping and taking swimming breaks to cool off. The water didn’t get very deep at the beach but it was nice to sit in and people watch. There was a hotel with a hotel bar just down the beach, in case you were in need of anything. There were places to rest pedal boats and other water toys.

In the late afternoon the weather began to cool a bit, mostly I started to get hungry. I decided to walk back into town and see about a shower and dinner. No animal attacks on this trek and I didn’t stop for pictures so the walk was much quicker.

When I made it back to the hostel many of the guests were getting ready to go out to dinner. I had time to shower and get ready so I decided to join them. It was decided to do a nice night out and everyone dressed in black. We set out and decided to go into the old section of the town.

The old section of town is nice not just for the history but also for the view. Old town was built up on the rocks and looks down on the water. The streets are narrow and winding. Like many old districts it’s possible to get completely turned around and lost. The houses are just large enough to hold the family and are built very close together. All in all the old sections of the cities are very charming.

We found a restaurant over looking the water and sat to have dinner and drinks. As you would expect the coastal region has an abundance of seafood on the menu. We had a great time sharing food and telling tales. After dinner we wandered until we found a small bar on the outside of the old city walls. The bar was right on the water and nothing but a small rail to keep you from falling in.

We sat around late into the night at the bar. Eventually we made our way back to the hostel to sleep the remainder of the night away.

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