A New Position

I remember a few months ago when I was in Kuwait and even into the summer I was worried. I had accepted a job back at home back in Canada as a Teacher on Call. I was scared that I wouldn’t be called or get enough work to pay my bills. I was worried that I’d completely hate the work environment and the rules and policies. I was worried that I would be isolated and lonely.

Before school began I had calls coming in to cover days. I’ve had work most days. I am relieved and happy. I’ve been having a great time going from school to school getting to know different classes. I’ve been called in to cover everything from kindergarten to grade 12 Physics. Both have their own complications but were enjoyable.

I am grateful for the chance to work at different levels and at different schools. I found that despite my previous experience with primary students I was much happier teaching in the High Schools. Times are changing and with it so are the attitudes of students and their parents.

I was lucky enough to get in as a long term (4-week) substitute at one of the high schools. Then a job for a continuing position 4 days a week was posted. I applied but I have no seniority so was not given the job. The teacher who did get the job though was already at the school so their job was posted. Once again I applied but did not expect much because I have no seniority. I was elated to be called for an interview. I was even happier to be able to accept at temporary position for 3 days a week at a school in my home town teaching at the alternate high school.

The position is only temporary (for the rest of the school year) but when it gets re-posted in the summer for next year I can apply again and I will have some seniority to help me stay in the position. For now though, I get to plan and prep and get ready for my year. I am very excited to see what challenges and rewards arise this year.



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