After we went back to the hostel to pack our bags and get a bus to Bodrum or Marmaris. We first had to get on a bus to the hub of Denzilli. From there we could only get a 5pm bus to Bodrum so that was where we went. The bus ride was 5 hours. We sat in a chai bar at the bus station. I was the only female in a large room full of men. Turkish men who kept staring at me because I was invading there sanctuary. The stares were worse once Adam left to look around.  No one knew what to make of the single white female, so completely out of place. I was a curiosity and not a threat so there we stares but I never had to feel threatened. It was a good place to pass a few hours.

When it was time to get on the bus we could not find it. It turns out that we were looking in the wrong spot. The bus was not a full sized coach, it was a fifteen seat minibus. This is fine for me but five hours on a small bus is hard. Especially when the bus driver has a death wish. Or when you are six feet tall and have no leg room.

The next fun part was that the bus was making funny noises and when it was stopped it would not start again. We stopped at a gas station and had a lot of trouble getting the engine to turn over. When we went to go up hills the van would slow to between 20 and 30 km/hr. Then going down hill the driver would try and pick up speed for the next hill by ignoring the break. We spent more time in the lane of opposing traffic then we did in our own  There was a couple in front of us not in seats, just in the isle and the tour guides chair. They huddled together and thought happy thoughts. Adam slept most of the ride so he would not have to stare death in the eye. I thought the road could be worse.

But we made it and lived to tell the tale. At Bodrum we decided to look into a taxi to the hostel. The taxi took us no problem and we were dropped of on a street with no hostel in sight. We wandered around the area to look for the hostel but there was nothing. We gave up and looked at the other places in the area. We found a hotel and managed to get the room for 40 Lira rather then the 80 that was stated.

We dropped our bags in the room and then went to the beach to walk along the water and try to find dinner. Dinner on the beach was to expensive so we walk up a block and had dinner off the strip. I refused to eat the seaweed salad for dinner, I had oil potato salad and pickled cauliflower. I did not like the cauliflower. Adam wanted a piece of beef. The man had to get a lady to come in off the street to ask how Adam wanted the meat cooked, fired or grilled. Grilled of course, so the guy goes to the back and all you could here were loud noises from the back as the meat was beat.

After dinner we walk down to the marina to see about ferries to Rhodes. Nothing was open but that was to be expected so late at night. We saw the castle on the water all lit up and admired the sea before going back to the hotel. The heat worked in the room, which was a first. The beds were also very comfortable and the room was clean. This hotel also had the best shower. The water had no problems warming up and the showerhead had a powerful blast of water. I recommend this hotel to all, it is the Kulava Hotel in Bodrum. Though that was almost 10 years ago and it may have changed my now.

The next morning we were up early. The alarm was set for 8am. This was so we could get the marina and talk to someone at the ferry about getting to Rhodes. Turns out that you have to go to Kos, which is 30 Euros then you have to go to Rhodes for another 30 Euros. Then we would have to come back. 120 Euros is to much for four ferry rides.

We stopped at a corner place and had chai with a bunch of old salty sea dogs. Even though some of them had to be in possession of multi-million dollar yachts that were sitting in the harbour. We talked about our options, to go to the island or to head east to see other sights. We thought that would be our best option. Adam went and talked to a travel agency, they said there were 30 lira flights to Aydiaman, near Mt. Nemrut. But the flight from Ankara and we would have no way to get there in time for the flight. So we went to go ask about the bus prices. 65 lira to ganizetep, an 18 hour bus ride. It seemed like a good idea to me at the time. So we booked the bus and made plans to go to Mt. Nemrut.

We had a few hours so we went to find something to eat. Chorba was the meal. It is a lentil soup. It was very good and filling. Then it was off to the museum and not just any museum it is the Underwater Archaeology Museum. It was closed because everything is closed on Mondays. What a stupid day to close things. So we went to walk up to the theatre on the hill. From there we could see the sea and have a nice lunch. But the theatre was closed and gated off. Mondays are a stupid day. So we walked back to town, walking by the ruins of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus which were also closed.

I wanted salad for lunch so we went to the store and bought fixings for salad in a box. We had lettuce, arugala, zucchini, radish, red cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, green onion, cheese, sig kafte (spicy bulgur wheat), and lemon for dressing. We sat on the beach and ate. We also fed a poor cat that had broken it’s front paw and it had healed wrong. It looked very sad.

After lunch we went to the post office to get a box. But they were all out of the size I wanted, so we had to get a bigger box. Then it was back to the bus station where we had left our bags. I took out warm weather things and some books. Then it was to the post office with the box to post it to Canada. The lady working at the desk was not a happy person. She gave me a sheet and I filled it in with addresses and what was in the box with the value. Then she looked at the sheet after ignoring me for a good five minutes and she took her pen and crossed out the section with the goods in it. Then she gave me a sheet to do again. Only with addresses. The box was 6kg and cost 173 lira to send home. I would have either put it in smaller boxes or sent it to the states and had Adam post it to me, but it was to much work and I did not want to deal with the lady anymore, so hopefully the package gets to grandma’s eventually with everything in it. But on the bright note my bag is much lighter.

We still had time so we wandered around town for a bit before going back to the beach to wait until it was time to leave. At the beach we made friends with stray dog 265. That is that all the dogs on the street are caught and tagged. I think so problem dogs can be identified and eliminated. Or so you know if you need a rabies shot if they bite.

We caught the 5pm, 18 hour bus to Gaitepez. The bus was spent sleeping or reading. It was midnight before we stopped to have dinner. The dinner food was good.  I had rice, soup with chickpeas, and chicken and veggies in lemon sauce. Then it was time to sleep, as well as possible. The difficulty was in not being able to take off your shoes or have your legs in the aisle.

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