WPC: Glaciers

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Markers are used to show the edge of this glacier in Alberta, Canada. In only a few short years this glacier has lost much of it's mass. Fate or Climate Change... There's really only one right answer. via Photo Challenge: Evanescent

WPC: Danger – En français

Pay attention to your children. This could be them. At least this is what I understand from this sign from Quebec, Canada. If you have a better translation please let me know. Edit: I was kindly corrected. It says "Pay attention to our children... it could be one of yours".  This one has a much …

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Rising like a Phoenix

The fire has move past Fort McMurray, Canada. It still blazes at almost 5,900 square kilometres but it no longer threatens life and limb in this Canadian town. There are still over 1000 firefights working hard to battle the blaze but it has been labelled contained. For the next few months the battle will continue …

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“I’m Sorry” easy to say but not always easy to mean.

"I'm sorry" is how we apologize to people. How we say we made a mistake and we regret it. It could have been a harsh word, a bump in passing, a lie, or any other number of things. We do our best to convey regret for hurting another person and maybe regret for our actions. …

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The Shadow Fire Casts

Fires rage in Western Canada. May has only begun and it seems the long dry summer is already here.  Every year it's the same, hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest lost unknown numbers of animals dead or displaced. Towns evacuated and then ravaged by walls of unstoppable fire. Fort McMurray is big in the …

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