Larnaka and Limassol

Larnaka is a nice little city, from what I could see. I spent only enough time here to have a drink on the beach and then catch my bus to Paphos on the west coast of the island. They have a nice stretch of beach with lots of little shops on the road above.

But I can say that the bus system on the island is excellent. They use nice coaches for long haul bus rides between cities.

The only difficulty was the transfer point in Limassol. This is where you get dropped at the side of the road in a round about in town without a lot of explanation about where the next bus will pick up. It is going to be in that area. Look for a crowd of people.

The return bus to Larnaka is going to pick up on the main road past the round about. Again watch for people who are gathering and ask them what bus they are waiting for. Chances are it’s the same bus as you.


Paphos was an amazing place to travel. There was so much history in the area. They had Greek ruins all over. I spent two days at the Archaeological park looking at the mosaics and temple ruins. I spent time at the old tombs that are located in Paphos.

I used the bus to get around town for cheap, much better than a taxi. I also did a lot of walking because Paphos has a beautiful coastal path for walking/ running/ biking/photographing sunsets. I loved being able to walk along the coastal path to get back to my hotel each night.

I went to Petra Tou Romiou “The Rock of the Greek”. This is said to be the birthplace of the Goddess Aphrodite. Legend says Gaia asked her son Cronus to destroy his father Uranus. Cronus cut off Uranus’ testicles and threw them into the sea. Then a white foam appeared and a maiden arose. The maiden, named Aphrodite, went to the assembly of gods from Cyprus.

Ayia Napa

I went here because it was to be the area of the young crowd. I knew going in April it would be the off season but I hoped for some activity. There was a bit going on but not to much. I think I preferred it that way. I even got to sit and watch a storm roll in.

Some of the hotels were still down for the season and were just beginning to open up. I stayed at a nice hotel apartment on the beach for 25$ a night. It was a great place at the end of the boardwalk. I would take the walk all along and see the bars and shops. Most of the bars and shops were open year round and had lots of specials to attract the lower number of tourist visiting in April.

I could catch the but to different places in the area to see some of the sights. I liked to go to the smaller towns and wander around trying new restaurants and finding bargains in the shops.

2015-04-08 18.10.39

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