Day 10 – Herghada

Day 10 was a full day in Hurghada. We got up and had breakfast. It was the best breakfast of the trip. There was an omelette station and a crepe station. There was French toast and sausages. There was foul and boiled eggs, their was fruit, yogourt and cereal. It was a full all you could eat breakfast buffet. We stuffed ourselves also sick.

We couldn’t stuff ourselves too sick because at 10 we met in the lobby to go out to the marina where we would meet the boat that would take us out for a day on snorkelling and swimming. The day was bright and sunny but windy as all hell.
We got to the marina and the shop easy. Then we got geared up with fins, masks, and snorkels. We carried our stuff down to the water and the boat. The boat had a relaxing interior cabin where we could hide from the wind, it also had an open second level with lots of seats for us to sit and relax in. On the ride out to see Giftun island before we went to the snorkel spot the wind was not to bad and we mostly sat up top and enjoyed the weather. The wind did eventually drive us down into the boat’s cabin though.

When we arrived at Giftun, or Paradise Island, the wind was cold and would whip sand painfully at your bare skin. The island was not paradise though. As we were arrive other boats of people were leaving because of the increasing wind speeds.

We thought it would be safer in the water so a few of us made it into the water where is was quite warm. Once we were in the water, however, we knew we would not want to get out because of the wind. We eventually braced ourselves and made a dash for our towels and clothes on land. Once able to take the towel it was easy to dry by holding up and letting the wind take care of it.

We met the others in a small café area when they were sitting and having drinks. We looked at a menu and the prices boggled our mind so decided not to get anything. We waited for those who did order to finish before we headed back to the boat where the wind once again kept us inside as we headed out to the snorkel site.

While on our way we had a lunch provided by the snorkel company. We had rice and veggies and fish. It was a little difficult to eat on the rocking water. Mostly due to drinks wanting to tip over a spill and having to eat off of our own laps.

Shortly after eating we arrive at the area where we were going to snorkel. We watched as one of the deck hands dove down to anchor the boat to points made in the rocks below. He let us know the water was warm but the moment he was out of the water the wind hit and it was freezing.
In the end Jed, Tony, Louise and I got in the water. One of the guides was there with Louise to help her get some good photos. He had taken some of the left overs from lunch and brought it with him. He would occasionally put some of it in the water to bring the fish. It’s not a practice I support at all, it can have devastating effects if the fish become dependent on such acts for food, and I could see how that would be possible if there are tens of boats in the area doing the same thing every day. Thankfully there were no jellyfish.
Maddie joined us in the water after a little bit but no one else did. There were all cold or worried about the cold. We swam for maybe 30-40 minutes before we returned to the boat to dry off and change. Once in the boat we stayed in the cabin and played cards on the table there. Over the course of the days Niko and I had been teaching others to play Rummy. WE played until we reached to marina to get off the boat. Over all it was a good day, but it could have been better if there hadn’t been so much wind.
Back at the hotel we had a chance to rest until dinner at 6. That day was going to be a Chinese buffet and we were excited to see what the Egyptian take on Chinese would be. Really the rest time meant just enough for a long hot shower to was off all the salt and fish poo before getting dressed and going down to dinner.
Chinese in Egypt turned out a lot like Chinese in other places but with no pork. Beef and chicken and veggies. Noodles and fried rice and samosas were also there. There was a salad bar and a regular dessert bar also.
After dinner some people went to play pool, some broke off to use internet in the lobby and some sat around the dinner table and chatted about everything and nothing. Eventually we joined the others at the lobby or the pool table.
All the swimming had tired me out so I went to bed early.

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