Day 11 – Travel

We woke up and had breakfast before checking out for our longest travel day. The road from Herghada to Cairo would take 8-9 hours to travel 450km.

We left Herghada at 10 am. We stopped to eat lunch around 1pm. We drove and drove. We found ways to play cards on the bus, we drained the life from our phones, we napped, and we drove. The road takes so long because there are multiple check points, speed bumps, towns with animals and people on the road. Then you hit Cairo and all the traffic that lays within.

We arrived at the hotel around 6. We took our luggage up to our rooms had a bit of time to freshen up and then we met back in the lobby to go for dinner. Dinner turned out to be a 20-30 minute walk across a couple big roads. We ended at what looked like a dark alley and went down it.
Just inside the alley was the entry to a bar. We had pub foods for dinner and were able to have some drinks as well to go with dinner. After dinner we played darts and had some drinks. Over all it was a good fun night. We hung out for a few hours, drank, and threw sharp objects. Then we went back to the hotel to crash before getting back on the bus in the morning.

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