Day 14 – Cairo

We woke up and had breakfast at the hotel. We packed our bags and went to get on the bus that would take us to Cairo for our last full day in Egypt. The bus ride was sad because it was our last. I had just spent two week with 11 interesting, funny, amazing individuals. Now I had to spend my last day getting ready to say goodbye and hope that one day we would get to cross paths again. I know that if any of them were in Canada or anywhere else I happened to be I would love to catch up with them and see where life has taken them.

Arriving in Cairo we stopped at the hotel to drop off our things and then had lunch. Meeting us at the hotel was the wife and daughter of our tour guide. Then we returned to the bus to head to Khan al-Khalili, the main Souk in Cairo. We had a few hours to browse around and try to buy the last of the souvenirs we needed. The souk is a large outdoor maze with many roads and hundreds of shops. They sell all the main tourist items and also have shops for gold and silver. I bought some general magnet souvenirs and some glass perfume bottle that have camel neck and heads as handles.

If you were ever thinking of going to Egypt and you like to haggle, now is the time to go. The decline in tourism due to the 2011 and 2013 rebellions has greatly effected the lives of the people all over Egypt. You can haggle for great deals for so many things. And don’t forget to go deeper into the market, generally prices are cheaper there because many people shop at the beginning or end of their walk in the market

After having spent 15 days in Egypt I would have to say that I never feared I would be attacked or harmed at all. The most dangerous part of our trip was taking the elevator is some of the hotels we stayed at. Travel safe and travel smart and you will be fine in Egypt.
After the market we went back to the hotel to stash our purchases and change for dinner.

This was going to be our last evening together to we had splurged and gotten a dinner cruise on the Nile River. Everyone went except for Graham and Laura, it was sad we would not get to spend our last dinner together as a big group but the boat cruise was rather expensive for being at the end of peoples budgets.

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