Day 5 – Homestay

Not having to wake up to an alarm felt so nice. I woke up a few times in the morning and was able to go back to sleep. When I finally woke up around 9:30am, I got ready for the day and then went down for breakfast. They had salad which was different from the bread heavy meals we have been having so I was pleasantly surprised.

After breakfast I went back up to my room to pack all my stuff back in my suitcase and make a day bag for the next two days where we would be in a home stay and on a boat. At that time we would not have easy access to our large pieces of luggage because they would be under the hold of the boat.

At noon we met in the lobby with our bags to check out and walk down to the boat we would take. A Felucca is a traditional sail boat with no motor. The boat has a wooden platform with a mattress on it and space under for luggage. There is a small kitchen at the front and a large rudder at the back. All of us were to sleep in a big pile on the boat.
That day we boarded just after noon and cruised until sunset around 5pm. On the boat we were served lunch and after we were able to relax and lay in the sun. We had to make our way to shore when people had to pee. A few times we stopped to take the chance to swim in the Nile. The Nile is very cold. I managed to get my feet in. Jed jumped off the back of the boat and was quickly back in the boat drying off.
On the boat we played cards and a card game called Personally Incorrect. This is a game similar to Cards Against Humanity but in this version you add someone’s name to the card. There is a green question card like “Insert Name’” best pick up line involves ____________ and a hot dog. Then each player picks a blue card they think fits and will be chosen by the judge, like “Armpit Licking”, “Scat Porn”, or “Rednecks”. Then the judge picks the winner and they take the green card. The winner has the most green cards at the end of the game.

2016-01-13 12.21.56

About 5pm we went to shore for the last time that day and disembarked with our day bags to walk about 10 minutes to the place we would stay for the night. The house was in traditional Nubian style with a large open space inside the door and a number of rooms on the outside of this space. We were sleeping in a open room at the end of the open space with mattress’s and pillows.

In the open space a few mats were placed down for us to sit and chat on. We played games like charades and celebrity head and got to know our hosts. We had dinner with the family and a large side room. Dinner was very good and started with a soup made from vegetable stock with pasta and spices in it. We also had salad to eat with pita. For the main dish we had Kofta, which is a ground meat sausage, over potato’s in a tomato base. Dinner was very good and between all 13 of us we managed to finish everything.

After dinner we sat out and talked and looked to at the stars above. People went around telling really bad “dad” jokes. (A family went to a zoo. It only had one animal there, a dog. It was a shittsu) We had a nice night. At few times we had to stop and cover ourselves in bug spray to scare away the midge fly’s and mosquitoes. Eventually people began to peter out and go to bed. Soon we were all dressed in our warm clothes and cuddled up under our blankets. It wasn’t to bad of a night but could have been a touch warmer. Considering it is January and the coldest time of the year it’s not to bad to be able to


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