Day 6 – Felucca

When we woke up in the morning we were able to get dressed and ready for the day. We had breakfast at the house. We had bread and jam, egg omelettes, and babaganoush and some fruit. After we did some more visiting and some locals brought hand-made crafts that you could buy and our host would do a henna design for you. After we headed back to the boat.


On the boat we had a lazy day. We cruised up the Nile River. We stopped when we wanted and generally had no worries. We played cards and we napped. We stopped to cook lunch and have a swim in the Nile. At first a few of the girls were worried about the local kids who seemed to be hanging around to peek at girls in bikini’s since it’s so forbidden in local culture. But this time they made it in. Jed and Niko jumped off the boat. Nikki, Maddy, and I slowly waded into the water. I was the last one in because I had to adapt to the cold in millimetres but I was the last one out, I wanted to stay and swim.

As we cruised along we dried in the sun and had naps. In the afternoon we played more cards and Jed had a chess board. We cruised until it got dark and then we grounded the boat for the night and had dinner. After dinner we set up our beds. The staff on the boat put up a large curtain/blanket/barrier on three sides on the boat to block the wind and bugs. Then staff on the boat got some brush together and started a bonfire on shore with lots of singing and being silly.

As we slept on the boat, again with warm clothes it was colder than the Nubian house. It was almost to cold with only a blanket for me. I recommend that if you do it you either bring the recommended sleeping bag, rent the sleeping bag, or bring warmer clothes. The people that had a sleeping bag said they had comfortable nights but again this it January travel and you may not need it for travel at most other times of the year.



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