Day 9 – Herghada

We got up in the morning for the 5-6 hour drive to Herghada. Herghada is a city located on the Red Sea.

When we got to the hotel it was very nice. The nicest hotel of the entire stay. It had quiet a few tourists staying there and they weren’t cheap backpackers. It had options for full board, it had bars, the restaurants had evens each night, there was a big buffet for breakfast and dinner. We were given bracelets for meals at the hotel and cards to get towels at the hotel pool or to be used at the hotels sister hotel down on the beach. We even had a welcome drink.

Mohammed recommended Peanuts restaurant and bar for lunch, or to go down to the sea and eat there. We were hangry and Maddy tells us and needed to eat soon. We dropped our bags off and quickly headed for the restaurant. We didn’t know Mohammed had called about us. When I arrived Maddy and Jed were at a smaller table. When I arrived the guy moved us to a bigger table in case the others arrived, which they did.
Maddy, Jed and I had placed our orders before everyone else arrived. Didn’t matter. I think they put all the meals into the kitchen together, except for Matt who arrived a bit later than everyone else. Things on the menu included Burger with free more burgers. We asked what this was and he explained you got a burger and then some free burgers patties after if you finished. I ordered this with 3 other people. Graham ordered fish, Jed ordered a steak, Niko ordered a veggie and rice bowl and a others ordered a beef and rice bowl.
Before meals began to come out a worker at the hotel came in and he stopped at our table to tell us that the hotel was having a small party for a different set of guests but we were welcome to attend. There would be little desserts and a drink. We thought why not attend.
Meals began to come out after awhile but they weren’t sure where things went so they called them out and dropped them off. But they didn’t call them out well. Some people ordered with fries, some with salads, some with rice. I think my meal went to someone (Matt) because we had to ask about it when it didn’t come out but Matt had ordered after our orders were put in.
Nikki cut into her burgers (meat patties with no bun, sauce, veggies, or anything) and they were still raw. I cut into mine and they were also raw. We went them back to the kitchen but they were re-cooked and then sent out to us. We were very unhappy with it. The fish was also not cooked properly. Niko’s meal came out with meat in it. When he sent it back they picked the meat out and sent it to him again but had missed some of the meat. Niko sent it back again to be made from scratch.
When we finished we let everyone happy pay for their meals and then tried to talk to the server about our meals. In the end the guy compensated Niko for his meal and gave it for free. I paid for my drinks but not my raw beef.
When it was Nikki’s turn she asked for a discount for hers and the guy became really irate about people wanting discounts for their meals. We tried to explain that serving raw meat was not something acceptable and neither was serving meat to a vegetarian. I went to get Mohammed to help with translating. It became a really big deal with the server insulting Maddy and the hotel manager getting involved. In the end we were all given a fruit platter as an apology from the hotel.
After this we had free time until 6 when we would meet to have dinner at the hotel. Nikki, Tous, and I decided we were going to go swimming down on the sister hotel on the beach. We walked down the road to the other hotel and showed our bracelets to gain access. We walked through what was a very nice beach hotel. The hotel was the Empire Beach Hotel and had it’s own slice of private beach. From what I understand all the beach in Herghada is private and you have to go past all the hotels, beach condos and the marina to get to public beach.
We got to the beach and exchanged our towel cards for towels and went to walk the small slice of beach and find a god place to rest our stuff. As we are walking along to dip our toes in the water Nikki notices something in the surf, then notices a lot more something’s. There are little purple jellyfish filling the water and even the sand close to the water. I put the GoPro in and took a few pictures of the jellyfish, then I used the handle to try and put some of the jellyfish back in the water, but there were so many. We decided to cancel our swim.

As we walked back to exchange our towels for our cards again then men at the hotel tried to show us something along a spit of concrete that had been made to hold more sun chairs. On the small spit with no space and a tether and a broken foot was a large crane. Kids were fishing off the end of the spit for fish and were feeding them to the large bird. We were shocked and disgusted. We wanted to get a knife and free the bird while no one was looking but didn’t know how the broken foot would hinder the animal if it had to hunt on it’s own.
Instead we left quickly to go back to the hotel and speak with our tour guide to see if there was anything we could do. Call the Egypt SPCA equivalent or something. We should have realized seeing the condition of the horses and other animals that do labour that such a thing would not exist to help the bird.

At 6 we met in the lobby of the hotel and saw plates of fancy desserts like mini tarts, chocolate covered strawberries, cakes, and other little bits. They also had a number of drinks some orange juice, most vodka based. It took maybe 10 minutes for the crowd to swarm and everything to be gone.
We went into the restaurant and had a Egyptian buffet. There were stuffed eggplants and zucchini, rice, veggies, lamb, beef, chicken, salad bar, dessert bar, and so much other food. It was the best meal of the trip because it was extensive and included. We all sat around and had dinner before going back to our rooms to get ready for our night out.
We met back in the lobby at 8pm and got a van taxi to take us to down town Herghada. There we wandered past shops and sights. When we got to the entrance of the marina we went in. While we were at the marina there would be random power outages, sometimes a few places, sometime the whole place, sometimes flickers and sometimes nothing.

We stopped at the end of the marina at a little café just off the walkway. We stopped to have something warm to drink and for a shisha. Only a few people got a shisha, including me with a weak tasting peach. We sat around for a while waiting for our drinks because of the blackouts that were probably frying what ever equipment they were using to boil water or mix drinks. But we chatted and laughed and had a good time.

Heading back to the hotel we piled into a number of taxi’s and went back to the hotel, where it was a warm shower before bed.

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