Everything about Japan in amazing.

When I was young my babysitter used to bring over anime (japanese cartoons) to watch. This was back in the day when it was all fansubs gotten from friends on VHS and carefully copied. I remember my first entrance to fanfiction with an “Ask Jeeves” search for “Sailor Moon Stories”.

I learned about the history of Japan, the Shoguns and Samurai. About the Meiji Restoration. I saw beautiful Kimono’s and pale white make up. I heard about onsens and monkeys in the mountains that use them.

When I was 16 I was given the chance to travel to Japan on a two week exchange. I learned that I wanted to travel more extensively in Japan and maybe even live there one day. I managed to meet both those goals.

I still love Japan. I still watch anime and read fanficiton. I still want to travel there more. Luckily I now have friends to stay will and drag on crazy adventures with me.

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