Golden Week is a series of holidays that fall together so most places give employees the entire week off. This is true for schools. So while I was in Japan Alex was given a week off from work. She had plans to travel to Okinawa, Japan with two of her friends from the JET Program and I tagged along.

We flew into Naha on the main island and made that our base of operations. We rented a car because one of the girls had her Japanese licence. From there it was easy to get around to the beaches and traditional villages and sight or anywhere else we wanted. Okinawa was great because it never really gets cold with winter temperatures around 20C (68F). When we went it was closer to 25C-30C. Really the kind of weather I like, especially for a week at the beach.

Okinawa is part of Japan and uses the same currency and government but maintain a different culture and dialect of the language. The experience of going to Okinawa was really eye opening. We were able to travel to some of the shrines, Syuri Castle, and to dress in Okinawan clothes. We saw Shisa Guardians all over the place.

Golden Week is not the time to go to Okinawa though, many other Japanese are travelling there at the same time and places can become very crowded.