WPC: Glaciers

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Markers are used to show the edge of this glacier in Alberta, Canada. In only a few short years this glacier has lost much of it's mass. Fate or Climate Change... There's really only one right answer. via Photo Challenge: Evanescent


Last week I spent my time finishing my costume for a Genderbender birthday party. The party was not a surprise but the costumes sure were. We had our host turn from this:                           to this: Gaston   We had Amber go from this:                                 to this: Hades Other guests came already dressed (or I don't have a …

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First Five Years

The statistic is that most new teachers quit in the first 5 years. There are many reasons for this from administration to the zoo animals some people call children. Teachers are being asked to do more with less each day. From stagnant salaries and facilities to broken buildings and broken homes teachers have much to …

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The Shadow Fire Casts

Fires rage in Western Canada. May has only begun and it seems the long dry summer is already here.  Every year it's the same, hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest lost unknown numbers of animals dead or displaced. Towns evacuated and then ravaged by walls of unstoppable fire. Fort McMurray is big in the …

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