Macedonia to Serbia – Travel Day

I had planned to get the 8am bus up to the cross and then come down before check out at 11am. Plans took a turn though when I slept until 9am. Instead I used the internet, checked out and then went up to the fortress, which was small and basic. Then I went back to …

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Lake Matka- Macedonia

I was up around 6:30am. I was dressed and out by 7am. I walked around town and once again tried to find the Mother Teresa house. I did not find it but I did find many plaque with her quotes on them. Once it passed ten and I hadn't found the house and missed the …

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Kuwait to Macedonia – Closing one door and opening another

On June 21st I finished work at Ajial Bilingual School in Kuwait knowing I would not return. I had had a wonderful two years teaching there but it was time to move forward and carry on with the next chapter in my life. I thought I was going to meet up with a few of …

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