We renamed Tajimi the armpit of Japan because Tajimi falls under the humid subtropic climate classification with very hot, humid summers and relatively cold winters. During the summer, Tajimi is one of the hottest cities within mainland Japan with an average daytime high during of just over 34.1˚ Celsius during the peak of the summer. Tajami set the record for Japan’s highest recorded daytime temperature of 40.9˚ Celsius, which happened in Tajimi on August 16, 2007.

In Tajimi I would go running in the mornings along the river. Almost every morning I would pass this lady going for a walk in the opposite direction and we would say hello and keep going. After a few weeks she stopped me one day. In very broken English that I think she learned from one of her children, she asked my name and where I was from. I answered her and introduced myself in Japanese. It was a very sweet gesture on her part to learn a little English to be able to say hello and ask after me in my own language.

Once a week we would go out for dinner at COCO Curry. A place where you can custom make your Japanese curry (which is nothing like Indian curry). By the end of my stay there the man working knew that we both wanted eggplant in our curry. We would also go to this cheap Karaoke place and sing stupid songs with each other.

At the house Alex would cook and I would do dishes. I also learned how to do the grocery shopping and let the teller know I had my own bags. We would spend lots of time watching crappy television and anime.

The closest city to Tajimi is Nagoya, which is about 45 minutes by train. It was easy to get the train and go into Nagoya, so some days I would do that. Nagoya was like other cities in Japan. While there I found a Kimono shop that had used Kimono on the first floor. They used a symbol price system and it was like 5$, 10$, 15$, etc up to about 80$. I thought I had to be understanding it wrong because it couldn’t be that cheap. So one day I dragged Alex there and found out I was right. So we bought some Kimono and accessories.

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