To see or not to see…

I’m taking today’s daily prompt literally: Vision

I feel like mine isn’t too bad, most of the time (Only -1). Most of the time I don’t need to see far away though. I’m at the computer, on my phone, teaching my class, reading a book. It’s only when I want to see the details of something farther away that I feel blind.

In the beginning, like many, I hated the idea of glasses. All I could see were my mom’s old glasses big and unflattering, thick glass, never anything nice. They were so expensive, hundred of dollars and insurance only covered so much of the cost and only every two years. If your like me you lose more than 1 pair in a year and I’m mean to my glasses and they get scratched and bent. It was horrible, I needed something better.

Mom got Lasik and I got out of my small town and into the world of online shopping.

I found websites with cheap glasses, then with cheaper glasses. The glasses came in styles and colours I had never thought of. They could have extra coating or be tinted or even transitions. I now use a website where glasses start at 8$ for frames and lenses. For 8$ I buy 3-5 pairs at one time. While I live in Kuwait I have them mailed to my parents (because I don’t trust the mail here) and I get them in the summer.

I currently have 10 pairs of glasses and a few pairs of sunglasses. I love being able to change them with my clothes. My glasses are no longer about need and are now about fashion. I love getting new glasses and sewing how they fit my face. 2016-02-23 12.55.59

4 thoughts on “To see or not to see…

  1. I love your optimism about glasses! When I responded to the Vision prompt, I also thought about my experience with glasses. I know a lot of people dislike them, so I’m happy to see someone else who enjoys their glasses.

    I only own one pair of glasses, so you’ve inspired me to looking into cheaper ways of buying glasses. I don’t own any contacts, so if my glasses don’t match a certain outfit, I just have to deal with it if I want to see. Owning a bunch of different pairs to make my glasses about fashion, like you said, would be fantastic.

    Great post!


    1. I agree it’s good to see others who love their glasses. I know so many people who still hate them.

      To start you out on your search for less expensive glasses I use the website

      The glasses all come in cases with a cleaning cloth. You can customize your lenses. I’ve even started ordering my dad glasses from this site.


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