30th country – Challenge Complete


2016-06-23 18.33.32.jpg

Today at 2pm I crossed the boarder from Macedonia into Serbia. In that moment as I walked across the boarder (because when you take the bus you get out, get stamped, cross the boarder, wait for the bus to be inspected, and then the bus drives across the boarder and you can re-enter the bus.

I arrived in Nis around 5pm and made my way to the hostel. From there I wandered the city and headed to the fort built in the 1700s by the Turks. Then in was dinner and a tea on the river.

During my explorations I found a live performance happening on the street. It was dancers from Uganda there to share their culture with the people of Serbia. They also tried to drum up a bit of tourism.

I lay here in awe realizing that I have completed my challenge. I have travelled to 30 countries before my 30th birthday. Now is the time to look for a bigger challenge, maybe 100 by 50.

One thought on “30th country – Challenge Complete

  1. I know this post is not that recent, but I was browsing your blog earlier, wondering whether you had already reached your goal… I’m glad to see you have 😀


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