Invictus Games

I wasn’t sure what to write for the prompt Sacrifice but I was on Facebook and came across some Video’s about the Invictus Games that begin tomorrow in Orlando.

These are paralympic style games but the competitors are all wounded armed service personnel. These are people who for some reason chose to enter the armed services, the army, navy, air force and were wounded during their time of service. The games were started in 2014 by Prince Harry “to demonstrate the power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation and demonstrate life beyond disability”.

These are people who were willing to sacrifice their life and did sacrifice their time, limbs, or easy futures. The competitors are the hero’s who went to war and gave everything they could. Now in recovery they are being given a chance to represent their country again. This time in friendly competition.

It’s not only the athletes that get involved. So far the leaders of the USA, UK, and Canada have all put out challenges to each other. Justin Trudeau’s Invictus Challenge is really making me glad that he was elected in as Prime Minister. I’m not at home in Canada to feel the impact of any of his policies but from what I have seen and heard from here it’s mostly good so far.

I wish all the athletes good luck when the games begin tomorrow. More luck to Canada, we want to win lots of metals.

I also wish to say thank you to all the members of the armed forces. You do something I never could. You fight for rights and freedom in a way I never want to. You do something amazing and brave so I don’t have too. You sacrifice your time and sometimes more than that. I will always be great-full that there are people willing to fight so I don’t have to.

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