Budva – Beaches and Biking

The daily prompt today is clumsy which is perfect because I had a major klutz attack on my next day of travel.

I had a late start this morning. I woke up and went up to the kitchen to make breakfast and figure out my plan for the day. By coming down to Ulcinj I had changed my timeline and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Part of me wanted to stay and relax and part of me wanted to move on the the next town and try to get back on track.

I talked to the others in the kitchen and learned that many of them were moving on that day. One of the girls, Gabby, was headed up to Budva, where I had planned to go next. I decided that I would travel with her. We checked out and set off to the bus station to find out when the next bus was. We had time to kill so we decided to go to the city beach and get breakfast before hitting the road.

There are many great view points and beaches along the coast of Montenegro. You could stop almost anywhere and be close to a beach. The bus happened to stop at many of these beaches. Gabby decided to get off the bus at Sveti Stephan Beach, known because it is the access point to the Sveti Stephan Hotel which is on a private island. The beach though is public on the left side of the entrance. I had too many bags to want to stay at the beach. We planned to meet at the hostel later that evening.

I got off the bus and made my way to the hostel. It was quite the trek though town to get to the Old City where most of the hostels are. When I asked about a bed I learned they were full. I was directed to another hostel down the street. They had free beds so I booked myself in for one night with the possibility of extending.

The hostel rented bikes. I figured since I wouldn’t see Gabby at the hostel, and the bike was only 5 Euros a day, I would see if she was still at the beach. I also signed that if I wrecked the bike I would pay for repair or a replacement to a max of 200 Euros.

The trail is on the busy boardwalk at the edge of the beach. It goes up onto the property of one of the hotels then along the highway for some time. Then the trail splits. One road goes along the coast and the other goes through the gardens of a high end hotel. The road through the hotel looked like an easy ride but uninviting in all other ways. The coastal trail went up into the woods but had other people using it. I chose to take the trail.

What I was unable to see was that just around the corner there were tree roots and other dips and diviots in the trail. Still I managed the trail with little difficulties. When you come down the trail you are back on a well maintained trail in front of some hotels.

There are signs asking you to stay on the trail and not disturb the guests. These hotels are right Sveti Stephan. From here you are able to see the private island with the hotel. To access the island you have to use a road that is guarded against rift raft. I didn’t even try.

I passed by to the other side where the beach was public. I locked up the bike and went down the beach. I kept an eye open for Gabby but never did run into her. Instead I spent some time relaxing on the beach and reading. When hunger struck I got on the bike and headed back to town.

I decided not to take the coastal path this time. I stayed on the hotel road and went through the property. The grounds looked great and once I was on the property there was evidence that other people cut through on the roads and I didn’t have to watch out for guards or anyone.

I made it almost all the way back to the hostel. I was back on the busy beach boardwalk. That’s where disaster struck. By disaster I mean people who have no idea about their surroundings and lack the ability to walk in a strait line. I was passing beside two people when the decided to walk at an angle and right into my path. I tried to miss them but the only space was taken up by a scooter on the edge of the boardwalk. I clipped the scooter and got wobbly. I almost had control back when a staircase got in my way. The bike and I took a tumble down the stairs and fell over about halfway down.

I was alright. A bit banged up and in a little pain but alright. The bike didn’t fair as well. The handle bars had moved 90 degrees so if they were strait the tire faced sideways. A kind man helped me get the bike straitened out and give it a quick check. I tried to ride back to the hostel but the break line was stuck on the front tire and it made a horrible sound if the tire rubbed on the break pad.

2016-06-27-20-19-41-2   Goose Egg

By the time I walked back to the hostel the adrenaline from the crash had worn off and I was in a bit of pain, especially my knee. I left the bike and went to the store to buy ice. After I went back to the hostel and found the worker to turn in the bike and confess my crash and show the damage. I told them they could look it over and see what the damage was and to let me know in the morning.

After I went up to my room to get some pain killers and then headed out to find dinner. I sound a restaurant on the back side of the old town that had a small beach with a few tables that were served by the hotel restaurant. They had also set up a sheet and a projector to watch the football (soccer) match that was happening. I watched the first half of the game while I ate dinner.

Sitting and eating I learned that having my leg bent caused a lot of pain in a short time. If I kept a strait let there was no pain. I had a bit of a walk after dinner but it was dark and my mood was getting darker as the bruises darkened. I decided to go to bed before my mood could worsen or I had another bout of clumsiness. It was hard to sleep because I could feel my heartbeat in my knee.

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