All people dream. At night people go through stages of sleep including REM (Rapid Eye Movement). It is thought that this is the time when you process the days information into long term memories.

While all people dream there are many people that don’t remember their dreams. They wake up having forgotten all about it. I’m like this most nights but when I remember a dream I realize that the inside of my head is a truly scary place. Many mornings I remember the dream but by the time I have gotten ready for the day I have forgotten it. Maybe I should post the strange ones here.

When I was a child I used to have the same re-occurring dream. I dreamt that I was in my bedroom, laying in bed during the day. I was home alone. In my dream I heard no sound but knew that someone was in the house to kill me. I could feel them walking around the basement of  the house, looking for me. I was aware that they would hurt me before killing me.

I would hide in my parents room while the person was downstairs. When they came upstairs and went into my room looking for me I would sneak downstairs and into the storage space under the stairs. I could feel the persons anger at not being able to find me.

In my dream they would come back downstairs and walk towards the door. I always knew that they were planning on leaving, thinking I wasn’t there. Then I would make a noise and pull their attention to the space where I was hiding. In my dream they would turn around and look through the wall to where I was hiding and stare at me as they walked towards me. I would wake up right as I was found.

Every night that I had this dream I would take my blanket and pillow sneak into my parents room. I would make myself a bed on the floor and sleep there for the rest of the night. I never had the nightmare while I was in my parents room or even at a sleep over, always in my own room. I can’t remember how many times my mom stepped on me before I stopped (I also can’t remember when I stopped but it was too old to be sleeping in my parents room).

Not all of my crazy dreams where nightmares. I dreamt once that my friend and I were characters from a show we watched in high school, Dragon Ball Z (don’t judge me). She had been captured and taken onto a spaceship that was ready to launch. I knew that if I didn’t sneak aboard I would never see her again. So I managed to sneak on board by beating up all the guards and entering as one of them.

I had to wander the ship looking for her but along the way people would try to kill me or seduce me. I eventually found where she was being held and we knew that we were in space so their was no escape, we had to kill everyone on board and take over the space ship.

Thankfully it never got that fall, shortly after our rampage began I woke up.

Even now I have so many strange dreams. I often have dreams featuring my students or other teachers in completely bizarre and impossible situations. When I do remember I tell a friend of mine and she telling me how completely crazy she thinks I am.

I always wonder if the dreams are a by product of my over active imagination. To this day I can not watch horror movies because I imagine people out to get me or glowing eyes down my dark hall. I don’t believe in ghosts or demons but after watching the Paranormal Activity movie I can see doors moving when they’re not. If the dog barks at nothing I get paranoid and freaked out. For years after watching the Exorcist I had to turn on every set of lights when going up the stairs because I would see her walking down them in a back bridge towards me. I could still imagine her there when the lights were on but it was a little less scare. I often jump into bed for fear something from under it will grab me.

As I am soon turning 30 I no longer think that it’s something I will grow out of. In fact I think as time passes my dreams get crazier and crazier.

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